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BitTorrent has become in the most used alternative for P2P filesharing from servers.

There are a lot of websites that include bittorrent links for download all kind of files, from a simple document of just 30 KB to full DVDs of more than 4 GB.

As we have said, there are a lot of websites and a typical user doesn’t know more than 10 of them, so when we want to find a file it becomes very difficult to find it.

Torrent Search is different because of that, because it help us finding our desired files.

TorrentSearch will locate all links related with our keywords, then you only have to double-click them and you will have it downloading to your Hard Drive.

Torrent Search search for .torrent files, if you want to download the file it contents, you only have to run it and your download manager will start downloading it.
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